The Association of Pauline Cooperators (APC) Sabah joins their fellow members worldwide in celebrating the centenary of their foundation (1917-2017).

While celebrating the centenary, APC Sabah also marked its 25 years of foundation (1992-2017).

With gratitude, let us look back on the past and with boldness we strain toward the future.  The challenge that we want to face in this time is that moving ahead as a Pauline Cooperator united in spirit.

In celebrating this centenary, programmes have been set up. Archbishop John Wong of Kota Kinabalu Sabah presided at the Mass for the opening of the centenary on 30 June 2017 at the Sacred Heart Cathedral Kota Kinabalu.  The dinner reception was held at the parish canteen.

On 16 - 17 September 2017, APC Sabah went for their mission to two places, i.e. Kota Marudu and Pitas in the district of Kudat.

Before going to the selected places, meeting and briefing were held among the Daughters of Saint Paul and APC. Group 1 went to the Gereja Katolik St. Theresa Kota Marudu while Group 2 went to the Gereja Katolik St. Pio Kg. Rukon, Ulu Pitas

It was an inspiring mission.

We are looking forward to the closing of the APC centenary year on 18-28 May 2018 in Rome with a pilgrimage to the sites of the founder, Fr. James Alberione.  It will be a lifetime experience to be able to gather with members of the Pauline family from all over the world.

May the Lord accompany us and unite us always more closely on our journey as Pauline Family in the spirit of St. Paul and under the protection of Blessed James Alberione.

Agenda Paolina

15 Agosto 2020

Solennità dell’Assunzione della B.V. Maria (bianco)
Ap 11,19a; 12,1-6a.10ab; Sal 44; 1Cor 15,20-27a; Lc 1,39-56

15 Agosto 2020

* FSP: 2018 a Faisalabad (Pakistan) • PD: 1924 inizio dell’Adorazione Eucaristica notturna - 1961 a Caxias do Sul (Brasile) - 1987 Casa RA a S. Paulo (Brasile) • SJBP: 1968 a Buenos Aires, S. Miguel (Argentina).

15 Agosto 2020

SSP: Nov. Giuseppe Hoshimura (1945) - Fr. Salvatore Porcaro (1982) • FSP: Sr. M. Joseph Coraddu (1985) - Sr. M. Bernardetta De Biasi (2015) - Sr. M. Teresita Moyano (2018) • IGS: D. Remo De Angelis (1999) • IMSA: M. Zulmira M. Pereira (1999) • ISF: Annamaria Dessì (2002).

Pensieri del Fondatore

<b>2020-01-15</b><p />Distaccare il cuore dalle cose di questo mondo e astenerci dall amministrare, forma la parte negativa del voto di povert. Questo basta? Occorre la povert positiva: lavorare, sudare, stancarsi (FSP52, pp. 326s).
15 Agosto 2020

Ninguna riqueza mayor que Jesucristo puede darse a este mundo pobre y orgulloso. María dio al mundo la gracia en Jesucristo; continúa brindándolo a lo largo de los siglos: es mediadora universal de la gracia y en esta misión es también madre nuestra (AD, 182).

15 Agosto 2020

We can give no greater wealth to this poor and proud world than Jesus Christ. Mary gave the world grace in Jesus Christ; she goes on offering him down the ages: in this role [as] universal Mediatrix of grace she is our mother (AD, 182).